WirelessDMS for BlackBerry 10

WirelessDMS for BlackBerry 10 is a new DM client from Matrix Logic, specially for the BlackBerry 10. This application is loaded onto the BlackBerry device via BES or BlackBerry World and connects via BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to a lightweight WirelessDMS Device Server application on your server via the mobile network.

With just a few quick clicks, you can access your Recent Edits, Quicksearches and issue content searches. Documents can be emailed as an attachment or a reference, or viewed on the BlackBerry.

WirelessDMS for BlackBerry 10 has full contacts integration with Address Book on the BlackBerry. It is designed with a BlacBerry 10 'look and feel' to fit right in.

You can open a document reference (DRF) from your mail right on the device with no other components!

WirelessDMS for BlackBerry 10 is part of the WirelessDMS Suite

Features in version 2.0.2:
- Native DRF open support from mail
- Content and Easy search
- Send documents as attachments or references
- Download documents for offline use
- English/French localization

WirelessDMS for BlackBerry 10

Try it on your BlackBerry

You may download the app from the BlackBerry World store to your own device for a test drive. It will automatically connect to our demo server in California, so you can see how it works.