Integrated Applications

Attach File

Attach any file to an existing Paper Profile. Import attachments to an existing document. read more


En-masse OCR and automatically Full-Text Index all your scanned documents. Add PDF renditions read more

Email Mass Import for eDOCS DM

Email Mass Import for eDOCS DM is designed to help users bring Outlook content into eDOCS DM in bulk. read more

Fusion Document Service

Fusion Document Service allows organizations to create and distribute dynamic hyperlinks to documents that reside within the eDOCS DM document management system without requiring a DMS login. read more

Imaging Process Server

Matrix Logic Mailroom is an application designed to facilitate batch scanning and mailroom automation. Bring that paper into your document management system with Matrix Logic Mailroom and streamline your records management and document retention. read more


Access your DOCS library from your cellphone or wireless PDA or iPhone. read more