Janitor for eDOCS DM

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Janitor is a suite of utilities that allow an Administrator to control the validation objects, documents and other table data in a eDOCS DM database.

Janitor removes the need to write SQL scripts and use a SQL editor for routine tasks and allows the following tasks to become routine using its wizards and utilities:

Janitor DocMove

The DocMove module does those extra things that Storage Management won't do:

  • Move documents to a new storage path template (and document server location - e.g. NetWare to Windows) - great for server moves, since it requires no downtime!
  • Change documents to a new filing scheme (e.g Standard to Enhanced)
  • Fix orphaned profile components with a warning file (user editable)


Janitor Merge/Delete

With the Merge/Delete module, Administrators can merge verification table entries. For example, it may be necessary to merge two document types: one called LETTER and the other CORRESPONDENCE, into one. LETTER could be merged in to CORRESPONDENCE, and then LETTER could be deleted if it is no longer required. Administrators can also delete entries in the validation tables.
The specified entry will be checked to ensure that the object is not referenced anywhere in DM. If the object is not referenced it will be deleted upon confirmation.


Janitor Orphan Components

Scan libraries for any profiles with missing components or components without a profile. The components may be missing altogether, have less than a selected file size or have no profile. Janitor checks each selected profile in a search list to verify that all components (both versions and attachments) of a document exist. Janitor reports zero length files or files smaller than a pre-selected size. Janitor allows optional mass deletion of damaged profiles. Janitor II also checks selected document server trees and reports any components that do not have a matching document profile into a log file.



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