Product Catalog

Attach File

Attach any file to an existing Paper Profile. Import attachments to an existing document.


Automatically OCRs all your scanned documents (TIF and PDF format) for full-text indexing in eDOCS DM. Supports output as text AND searchable PDF attachments.

Email Import for eDOCS DM

This simple application allows users to import all of the email messages and attachments from MS Outlook folders in one operation.

Matrix Logic FDS

Create externally-available and dynamic hyperlinks to documents in the document management system. Integrate your own web site or portal with eDOCS DM using our components.

Guided Search for eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic Guided Searches are a new way of allowing users to find documents by metadata browsing with only a few clicks. Guided Searches have been an integral feature to our WirelesssDMS products for a while and have now come to the desktop and DM Extensions!

InSync (Formerly CMSSync)

Automatically push client and matter information from your CMS Open or Elite billing system to your document management system.

Janitor Suite

Contains a series of tools for simplifying and automating a number of tedious tasks for eDOCS DM administrators:

  • DocMove Move documents from one document server to another, change filing scheme and repair orphan profiles.
  • Merge/Delete Clean up document metadata tables such as CLIENT, MATTER, PEOPLE using this simple wizard.
  • Orphan File/Profile Repair Check and repair orphan files and profiles in your DM libraries.
  • Reconciler Generate reports on discrepancies between specified columns in two DM libraries. Reports can be automatically sent to Matrix Logic Replicator to fix any inconsistencies or be reviewed as CSV files.
  • Security Regeneration This application performs file level security regeneration on a large range of document profiles in a DM library (or even the entire library). Security Regeneration designed to run unattended and will skip and log any document profiles that fail for any reason.

Matrix Logic Media Manager

This new application from Matrix Logic Corporation is a massive time saver for users of eDOCS DM who currently need to save their business photo images, audio and video. No more struggling with non-integrated image viewers. Now there is a fully integrated solution.


This product is designed to import documents unattended into DM. MLCDMImport can populate the DM profile information using static values, a calculated value or information contained within a CSV file.

Matrix Logic MailRoom

Matrix Logic MailRoom is an application designed to facilitate batch scanning and mailroom automation. Bring that paper into your document management system with Matrix Logic MailRoom and streamline your records management and document retention.


Notify users that documents are available for their use or periodically run OpenText eDOCS DM Quick Searches and notify users by emailing a link to the search results. Click here to go to the downloads page.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Matrix Logic has developed a solution to locate, flag, track and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in documents in eDOCS to assist with PII Compliance and reduce liability.

Profile+ for eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic Profile+ presents a totally new face to the eDOCS forms with a modern look and feel and allows and unprecedented amount of control and customization to the form while retaining the ability to easily design both simple and more complex forms.

Replicator Suite

Comprises of an Enterprise Admin add-in to the eDOCS DM Webtop and a Replicator Engine that takes the metadata changes and additions that an administrator makes to a primary library, and replicates them to the other remote libraries, automatically. The Reconciler module helps an administrator examine their libraries and see the differences between the lookup tables in each library.

RM Solution Suite for eDOCS RM

The RM Solution Suite for eDOCS RM by Matrix Logic consists of add-on modules that provide electronic records management functionality to eDOCS RM and greatly enhances its use as an electronic records management solution for law firms, corporations and government agencies. The suite consists of the following modules:

  • RMSync Automatically create File Plan Categories and Files in eDOCS RM from your Financial system.
  • ARCS (Automated Records Classification Service) Automatically assign electronic documents to the RM file plan and retention schedule
  • DRM (Document Retention Manager) Manage Retention Schedule and Dispose Documents by Document Type. Retention Manager
  • RPW (Retention Processing Workflow) Electronically distribute Disposal Reports and track Approvals or Denials for Destructions or Transfer processing
  • Suspend Manager Ability to manage multiple holds on a Matter, FilePart or Term. (Next Release of LSS)


Administrators can use a wizard interface to make en-masse security changes to a list of document profiles. Allows search/replacement/addition of trustees based on rules and can be run as a batch process automatically. Secure is an excellent tool for ensuring that confidential document types are secured automatically.

Share by Matrix Logic for MACs

A WDMS Device Server client for eDOCS users on OS X. (Requires a WDMS Device Server license). Click here to go to the downloads page.


Sharepoint Service for eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic Sharepoint Service for eDOCS DM allows you to export and import your DM documents to a Sharepoint site. Simple client side solution!

Sharepoint AutoImport for eDOCS DM

SharePoint Auto Import for eDOCS DM is designed to mass-import documents from SharePoint to eDOCS DM. It is designed to run unattended as a Scheduled Task or as a Windows Service.


This product now provides an easy way to visually scan through a set of thumbnail previews in DM Extensions as easily as you would in Microsoft Windows XP.


Matrix Logic's Wireless Document Management Suite (WDMS) extends the reach of your document repository. It allows you access documents from a handheld or wireless device. The following modules are currently available: Minibrowser, Email, MobileSync, Notify, Fax.