Replicator eDOCS DM Admin

Why eDOCS DM Admin?

As any eDOCS DM administrator knows, maintaining users, groups, document type, matters and other validation information in a multi library environment can be a very time consuming process. In addition, it can be very difficult to keep the validation information in large groups of libraries synchronized at all.

Replicator Enterprise DM Admin is designed to simplify this process by allowing the administrator to work in a single, primary library only. Replicator handles all other libraries automatically.

Replication Utilities are included to aid initial synchronization and list differences between libraries.

What is Replicator eDOCS DM Admin?

The Replicator eDOCS DM Admin product comprises of an add-in to the eDOCS DM Webtop, and a Replicator Engine that takes the changes and additions that an administrator makes to a primary library, and replicates them to the other remote libraries, automatically.

Replicator add on for eDOCS DM Webtop

The Replicator Engine performs does all of the work unattended by running as a Windows Service that interacts with a eDOCS DM Server.

Replicator handles custom tables as well as built in tables such as PEOPLE and GROUPS.

Replicator does NOT require the use of triggers in your database.

You may even exclude particular columns in a table from replication if necessary.

Replicator Manager is used for configuration


Replicator Enterprise DM Admin can be used with DOCS Open, PowerDOCS, CyberDOCS and eDOCS DM 5.x.

At least one eDOCS DM Server and eDOCS DM Web server are required (the administrator uses this for ‘Library Maintenance’ through the DM Admin tab on the Webtop).

The primary and remote libraries must all be TBLCOMP’d to the DM5 structure, but users may continue to run older versions (e.g. DOCS Open).

The Replicator Engine service typically runs on a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Server running eDOCS DM Server.

How it works

The diagram below shows how Replicator’s Enterprise DM Admin service works.

First, the administrator uses the eDOCS DM Webtop DM Admin web page to update or add data.

Next, the Replicator Engine takes the change and makes a new transaction for each remote library. The transactions are stored in the Replicator queue in the primary library.

The Replicator Engine processes each transaction in the queue, performing each modification/addition in each remote library. If any remote libraries are unavailable, the transactions are automatically retried later.

Replicator Reconciler

Replicator is supplied with a special module, called Reconciler that helps an administrator examine their libraries and see the differences between the lookup tables in each library. More information on Reconcler, can be found in the Reconciler information.

Please note that the previous version of Replicator for DOCS Open is still available for customers that are not yet running eDOCS DM, or do not have one DM Server.