RM Solution Suite

The RM Solution Suite (RMSS) for eDOCS RM by Matrix Logic consists of several modules that provide additional functionality to eDOCS RM and greatly enhances its use as an electronic records management solution.

The suite consists of the following modules:


  • Creates Matter Centric File Plan Categories in eDOCS RM from your Financial system
  • Used stand alone or in conjunction with DMSync by Matrix Logic


  • Automated Records Classification Service
  • Automatically assigns electronic documents to the RM file plan and retention schedule


  • Document Retention Manager
  • Manage Retention Schedule and Dispose Documents by Document Type

RM Notify

  • Provide pop up notifications when physical files are requested from RM Extensions

RM Reporter

  • Select Items from RM Search Results to create CSV Files
  • CSV files can be used by Label Applications such as Bartender
  • CSV files can be opened and analyzed in Excel

Suspend Manager

  • Ability to manage multiple holds on a Matter, FilePart or Term

RM Mobile Assistant

  • A wireless iOS app that replaces bulky legacy bar code readers