Matrix Logic Secure v3.1

Click here for a flash demo of the product.

Secure is one of Matrix Logic Corporation best selling products. It allows the mass update of profile security based on a set of 'rules'. Frequent security updates can also be automated with Secure's batch functionality.

Version 3.1 of Matrix Logic Secure is designed specifically for eDOCS DM and incorporates some new features:

Update profile security based on existing security. Secure will go through each document profile, check the existing security, and make changes where you specify. Some of the options are:

  • Add a selection of people and/or groups.
  • Remove any number of people and/or groups.
  • Modify existing security for people and/or groups including the ability to add or remove specific rights.
  • Remove a specific trustee right from the document.
  • Change "unsecured" documents to "secured".
  • Remove all security from the document profile
  • Simple to use and does not require knowledge of SQL scripts, etc.
  • Grant access only to published versions.
  • NEW Replace security option allows you to make an unconditional replacement of security across a set of profiles

Enhanced User Interface. Matrix Logic Secure v3 has an revised interface, simplifying operation and displaying new features.

Windows Service. Matrix Logic Secure v3 has a 'Secure Engine' which runs unattended via Matrix Logic's Scheduler service communicating with your DM Server. You can leave Secure to make your desired security changes automatically on an on-going basis at timed interval, or a specific time of day.

Security Rules. The new Security Rule pages guide you through security changes, and more advanced functions.

Batch Mode Operation
Batches allow you to apply a series of security 'rules' to a pre-defined set of documents (defined with a Quick Search). Batches run un-attended by the Secure Service

Immediate Mode Operation
This allows you to run your security changes via the user interface, while you wait. You can watch the progress on screen as the job is processed.

Enhanced Logging. A completely updated log feature allows you to see what Secure has updated, and even report on DM security before and after changes were made!

Rule Screen