Thumbnails for eDOCS DM

Many organizations that use eDOCS DM for Digital Asset Management: the storage and management of diagrams, schematics, marketing logos - almost any type of digital imaging files. Matrix Logic's Thumbnails for eDOCS DM product now provides an easy way to visually scan through a set of thumbnail previews in DM Extensions as easily as you would in Microsoft Windows XP or Google Image Search.

"The Document Control group at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is responsible for managing over 6,000 digitized historic photographs in eDOCS DM that document the construction of the water system during the early 1900's. As the entire system undergoes a $4B rehabilitation and expansion of its aging infrastructure, access to original construction photos becomes an invaluable source of information for design and reconstruction. Matrix Logic's Thumbnails for eDOCS DM product allows Document Control to quickly examine a large number of photos and retrieve only those images that are relevant the user's need."
-- Kathy Brown, Senior IS Business Analyst at SFPUC


  • A Windows service automatically creates JPG-formatted attachments for documents in eDOCS DM.
  • Users have a new "Thumbnails" add-on pane in DM Extensions for viewing sets of thumbnails.
  • Users can open a document directly by double-clicking its thumbnail image.
  • Supports both DM Windows Extensions and DM Outlook Extensions.


  • Saves time for users that need to visually scan large numbers of documents to find a particular image.
  • Provides "visual search" capability for images that have been profiled in a generic way.

Example of Thumbnails for eDOCS DM in a real estate application.


DM Windows or Outlook Extensions is required on the client machine.