RM Mobile Assistant

RM Mobile Assistant Releases you from the records room!

RM Mobile Assistant is a bar code scanning application for use with eDOCS RM for the iPhone/iPod/iPad that allows you to process requests, movement, box inventory while away from your desk. For example, a records administrator can take an iOS device along with them while delivering boxes/files to their requestors, and with a couple of quick scans, the file is "moved" and the request "completed".

This can greatly simplify and speed up administration while also providing up to the minute accurate location information for important files.

Use the companion application (coming soon), offline, to do a quick census for Open Text eDOCS RM and upload the completed census file.

There are several different modes of the application:


Scan a box, show its contents. Add or Remove items by scanning. Inventory the box in real time by scanning/add/delete.


View all user file requests. Scan items to complete.


Scan a location's barcode (e.g. room number/user) then scan the items in that location. They will be "moved" in eDOCS RM to that new location. Ideal for use with the file cart!



  • eDOCS RM from Open Text
  • WirelessDMS Device Server
  • WirelessDMS RM license key
  • iOS Device
  • RM Mobile Assistant application (download from the AppStore)