Product Catalog


En-masse OCR and automatically Full-Text Index all your scanned documents. Add PDF renditions.


This product is designed to import documents, import and synchronize metadata, assign dynamic view level security and metadata security, move and restore profiles unattended into DM. 

EML Viewer

This product allows you to view .EML files on your iOS device, including attachments within them.

Guided Search for eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic Guided Searches are a new way of allowing users to find documents by metadata browsing with only a few clicks. Guided Searches have been an integral feature to our WirelesssDMS products for a while and have now come to the desktop and DM Extensions!

eDOCS Exporter

eDOCS Exporter allows a DM user to Archive or Export documents from a DM Repository to the native Windows file system. 

Matrix Logic Mailroom Suite

Provides the capability for capture of physical documents across your enterprise, with automatic conversion to searchable PDF, import into eDOCS DM, and email notification.

Matrix Logic FDS

Create externally-available and dynamic hyperlinks to documents in the document management system. Integrate your own web site or portal with eDOCS DM using our components.

ProfilePlus for eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic ProfilePlus presents a totally new face to the eDOCS forms with a modern look and feel. It allows an unprecedented amount of control and customization to the form while retaining the ability to easily design both simple and more complex forms. 

RM Solution Suite for eDOCS RM

The RM Solution Suite for eDOCS RM by Matrix Logic consists of add-on modules that provide electronic records management functionality to eDOCS RM and greatly enhances its use as an electronic records management solution for law firms, corporations and government agencies.

Share for MacOS

A WDMS Device Server client for eDOCS users on OS X. (Requires a WDMS Device Server license).

SharePoint Services for eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic SharePoint Service for eDOCS DM allows you to export and import your DM documents to a Sharepoint site. Simple client side solution!

SharePoint AutoImport for eDOCS DM

SharePoint Auto Import for eDOCS DM is designed to mass-import documents from SharePoint to eDOCS DM. It is designed to run unattended as a Scheduled Task or as a Windows Service.

SPI Service

This product is designed to scan eDOCS DM libraries to check each document for SPI/PII sensitive information, then report it on the DM Profile.


This product provides an easy way to visually scan through a set of thumbnail previews in DM Extensions as easily as you would in Microsoft Windows.


Access your DOCS library from your cellphone or wireless PDA or iPhone.

WirelessDMS Web Part for SharePoint Online

This product allows you to expose your DM documents inside of SharePoint online for search and download by SharePoint users.