Matrix Logic Exporter

Matrix Logic’s eDOCS Exporter allows a DM user to Archive or Export documents from a DM Repository to the native Windows file system. 

This is accomplished by allowing a user to execute a search in DM Extensions or go to a folder, select the required documents from the results list and export them into a native Windows folder structure based on metadata of the profile. The path is configurable. 

This application is built using the DM Extensions API and is run on a machine that has DM Extensions installed and configured to access the required library.

Requirements: eDOCS DM Extensions version 5.3.1 or above 

Features include:

  • Export All Versions and Components
  • Export Profile Metadata to XML File
  • Delete Profiles/Documents From DM After Export
  • Export Template
  • Destination Directory
  • Directory Structure Template
  • File Name Template


  • Enforces DM Security
  • Activity Logging