Newsletter Winter 2019

WirelessDMS iOS 2.6 Update! WDMS Now Supports Document Scanning and New iOS Context Menus on iOS 13

If you are running iOS 13, you’ll want to upgrade to the new WirelessDMS iOS client version 2.6 from the App Store. The latest upgrade now allows you to scan documents and features brand-new iOS Context Menus. The document scanning feature allows you to capture a multi-page document and save it directly into eDOCS. The new iOS Context Menus allow you to haptic touch/long press on a document for a preview and while also giving you a quick view of the available menu actions.

NEW! Optional Features added to ProfilePlus

ProfilePlus presents a totally new face to the eDOCS forms with a modern look and feel. It allows an unprecedented amount of control and customization to forms while retaining the ability to easily design both simple and more complex forms. We have recently added new, optional, features including a print and clear button, as well as a physical/electronic selection.

NEW! Login Assistant for eDOCS DM

This brand-new tool was designed to make your login experience easier and faster. The Login Assistant drastically simplifies the steps taken to change from one eDOCS library to another. It gives you the ability to switch from one library to another without having to put in your credentials or manually exit eDOCS DM. Login Assistant looks into a Web Server to see where a user is allowed to connect and what a user is allowed to connect to. It gives authorized users the ability to easily change server locations, for example, from East Coast to West Coast, or from Test to Production.

NEW! Extension To DMSync - Import Your Legacy Shares Directly Into EDOCS DM

You can now import your legacy shares directly into eDOCS DM with our new extension to DMSync. This optional module allows you to create folder structure within your library based on the original location of documents imported into eDOCS from native file systems or file-shares.