Share for macOS

Share by Matrix Logic is the eDOCS clients for macOS. 

This application is not designed to be a macOS version of eDOCS DM Extensions. Instead, it is a lightweight eDOCS client.

Requirements: Matrix Logic Device Server License 

Tree View

Drill into libraries for library specific searching.

Document List Pane

Shows search results, folders, folder content, guided searches and local documents.

Profile Search

Allows you to search based on profile data.

Wildcards such as JDO* or variables like %TODAY for dates are supported.


Support for the shareable workspaces introduced in eDOCS 16.

RM Support

File Plan browsing and eDOCS RM support is now available.

Actions Include

Directly edit the documents in office using DirectEdit*.

Select the version you with to work with (if more than one).

Display document history.

Check in the document without uploading, etc.

Upload, check the document in and unlock it.

Email a copy of the document.

Open the local copy of the document in the default application on the mac, etc.

* To access the latest features in Share for macOS, make sure you have the latest WirelessDMS Device Server version installed.

Apple Mail Integration

The mail integration is a simple “save the highlighted email to DM” type of integration.

It uses our AppleScript intergration, since we need to work as a “service” in Mail.

Outlook 2016 Integration

This works in a similar way to the Apple Mail integration.

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